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Acne Skin Care Advice Notes

Acne Skin Care - Washing:

  • Avoid over-washing. Once in the morning once in the evening before going to bed is normally sufficient.

  • For protective acne skin care, avoid strong soaps and scrubbing.

  • Use a mild cleanser for safe acne skin care. Check with your physician on the best type of cleanser for you.

  • Or use a simple, fragrance free soap. Experiment until you find the one that suits you.

  • Wash from under the jaw right up to the hairline.

  • An essential to good acne skin care is thoroughly rinsing the skin after washing.

Acne Skin Care - Skin & Cosmetic Products:

  • Avoid using astringents. Only use on oily spots if you need to use them at all.

  • Be aware that some acne skin care treatments make the skin more prone to sunburn.

  • Avoid oily hair products as they can in time affect the area below the hairline and the forehead.

  • Women should choose oil-free cosmetic products. Avoid applying make-up over blemishes.

  • Men should shave lightly to avoid knicking spots and blemishes. Also soak the beard thoroughly with soap and water before applying shaving gel or cream. This makes light shaving easier and contributes to good acne skin care.

Miscellaneous Acne Skin Care Notes:

  • Choose light, loose fitting clothing if you have acne on the body and change underwear very regularly.

  • Avoid as much as possible squeezing the pimples. This can irritate further or even cause skin scarring. If you are really desperate, squeeze gently and immediately apply disinfectant afterwards.

  • Acne can be made worse through stress.

  • A woman's hormonal changes in the lead up to a period can make acne worse.

  • Working in a hot environment can cause a person to perspire more and thereby aggravate an acne condition.

  • Also working in an environment full of grease, oil, or industrial chemicals can make acne worse.

  • Never pick at the pimples and avoid frequent touching of the skin with the fingers.

  • Avoid sleeping with your face buried in a pillow. Oil and dirt from the hair can transfer to the face and make the condition worse.

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