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Get Rid Of Cellulite - Answers
to Frequently Asked Questions

get rid of cellulite 01

Frequently asked questions:

The Cellulite Reduction Report

  • What makes it worse
  • Why some women have it and others don't
  • Hyped-up, unproven beauty 'treatments'
  • The biggest myths
  • Fitness programs that cannot get rid of it
  • Best exercises to target the root cause
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What is cellulite?

Females have a unique layer of fatty tissue under the skin which consists of little chambers separated by vertical walls of tissue.

Water retention, excess weight or a sedentary lifestyle can weaken the top of these "fat-cells" so that they buckle and fold.

These smaller compartments then break up and cluster under the skin which in turn changes the appearance of the skin.

The skin on the hips, thighs and buttocks then appears lumpy, containing dips, ripples and dimples. Some refer to it as a dimpled "orange peel" effect.

In a nutshell then, cellulite is lumpy, unevenly distributed fatty tissue which is found mainly in fatty areas between the waist and the knees.


get rid of cellulite 02


How common is the problem?

Some believe as many as 90% of women are affected to some degree by cellulite.

It even forms in the young during puberty but due to the skin on young women being more supple it is not noticeable.

Not only overweight women but even slim women can have deposits of cellulite on their buttocks, hip and thighs.



Why does cellulite affect women and not men?

Fat cells in the male body are shaped differently and fat is stored differently.

Females have a unique structure under the skin consisting of small chambers separated by vertical walls of tissue.


Why is it viewed as a problem?

Because many women regard these lumpy areas of skin as unsightly they are prepared to go to any lengths to get rid of cellulite.

It makes them feel uncomfortable or embarrassed when these areas are visible to others.

Some feel their sex appeal is affected.


How is it caused?

Good blood circulation is essential for the elimination of toxic wastes in the body which otherwise get lodged in fat cells.

Poor microcirculation can cause damage to the fat tissue. Blood and lymphatic vessels then leak fluid into surrounding tissue causing congestion which in turn causes swelling, prevents nutrients reaching the tissue, and affects the drainage of toxins.

Connective tissue then becomes damaged so they eventually scar, causing stretch marks and trapping fat cells.

In summary, anything in one's lifestyle causing poor blood circulation contributes to the problem including poor diet, sedentary lifestyle and poor blood and lymphatic circulation.


What strategies can help deal with it?

Diet and exercise are key factors.

Drinking plenty of water helps cleanse the system by flushing out toxins from the body.

Reducing the amount of fat consuming in the daily diet can help.

Fiber rich foods including fruit, vegetables and wholegrain cereals help greatly in eliminating wastes from the body and should therefore be a prominent part of the daily diet.

Salt can cause the body to retain water so it is wise to avoid foods that contain a lot of sodium.

Regular exercise including walking and swimming can do much to keep the body in good shape.


What cellulite exercise plan is recommended?

According to researchers, a 40 minute program 3 times a week can do much to keep the body toned up and help to get rid of cellulite, or at least, to minimize the effects.

The 40 minute cellulite exercise program should consist of 20 minutes for strength training exercises for the upper and lower body followed by 20 minutes of aerobic execises. (5 exercises for the upper body and 5 exercises for the lower body should suffice)

Georgia State University has an excellent section devoted to a project by J. Andrew Doyle, PhD. It contains a library of exercises of all kinds, with illustrations, to help you devise your own cellulite exercise program to help get rid of cellulite.

Take advantage of this free resource here:

Here are some fast links to take you straight to the resources you need:

  • strength training for upper body
  • strength training for lower body
  • aerobic exercises

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