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Eczema: Information & Resources

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Eczema describes a condition of the skin when it reacts to a variety of stimulants or irritants, some known, many unknown.

Eczema causes intense itching and blistering or scaling of the skin.

Nummular or Discoid Eczema

This form of eczema manifests itself as disk shaped areas, usually on the limbs.

Middle-aged men sometimes see this condition on their shins.

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Atopic or Infantile Eczema

This form of eczema may be inherited. The state of hypersensitivity can manifest itself as either asthma, hay fever, or eczema.

This condition can start in infancy when the baby is just 3 or 4 months old.

Eczema eruptions can spread to large parts of the body causing acute distress as the infant scratches and causes bleeding.

Many children start improving from about 2 years of age.

Eczema Treatments

Eczema treatments often involve the use of hydrocrotisone cream or ointment.

The online Skinstore has a variety of products for Eczema which:

  • accelerate the healing of wounds
  • restore lost moisture to fragile skin
  • counteract itching, burning, dryness
  • provide relief from Eczema outbreaks and deter scratching
  • repair skin barrier function

Books on Eczema:

Understanding Childhood Eczema
by Penny Titman

This book provides advice for the family about dealing with tantrums, sleep problems, scratching, and teasing. It also includes a full range of treatment options.


Coping With Eczema
by Robert Youngson

This book outlines the causes of eczema, both genetic and environmental, and the important role of the immune system. It also offers useful advice about the latest scientific advances and the different treatments available along with essential information about the emotional aspects of eczema, how to avoid flare-ups, and how to help children and adults cope with itches.

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