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Eye Cream: How It Works

eye cream neutrogena

An eye cream can accomplish two things:

1. Reduce puffiness around the eye by tightening the skin under the eye

2. Make the dark patches under the eyes appear lighter

eye cream olay

Eye cream skin tightening ingredients:

Collagen forms the structural network of our skin and gives skin its strength and durability.

Ingredients such as alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), Retinol, copper, and vitamin C can stimulate the production of collagen which, over a period of time, can firm the skin so lines and wrinkles smooth out.

Caffeine and alcohol may be included in other eye cream products as they temporarily dehydrate the skin. This gives the appearance of tighter skin thus reducing puffiness.

Eye cream dark patch reducing ingredients:

Kojic acid and hydroquinone can actually lighten the skin, thus reducing the effect of dark areas under the eyes.

Vitamin K is known to inhibit bruising. When used in an eye cream the effect is to reduce the effect of too much blood circulation in the dark areas.

Other lesser known eye cream ingredients sometimes used are:

Monoi oil, Olive squaline, Chironji, Euphrasia officinalis, and wheat and oat proteins.

As the skin immediately around the eyes is void of oil glands it can suffer from dehydration. These natural plant extracts serve to moisturize the skin and hydrate the eye area.

Summary: Eye cream is designed to be rich and emollient. Temporarily at least it can provide relief for dark circles and eye puffiness.

SkinStore® provides a wide range of eye cream products specifically designed for the delicate contours of the eyes. Improve the texture of your skin under the eyes and reduce fine lines with these dermatologist-recommended products.

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