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Hair Loss - Answers
To Frequently Asked Questions

hair loss - newhair biofactors

Frequently asked questions:

What is the difference between male and female baldness?

Male hair loss and baldness is more common. Hair at the temples can recede and at the crown it also begins to thin. Eventually a horse shoe pattern around the sides of the head appears.

Female baldness can start at around age 30 and becomes more noticeable by age 40. It usually involves overall thinning rather than a bald patch on the top of the head.

For both men and women, the hair follicles simply shut down, often due to the effect of hormonal changes.


hair loss no more

What about hair transplantation (surgical)?


If you are prepared to pay up to $15,000 and wait between one and two years this is worth considering. It is the only method which can be considered "permanent"!


Hair follicles on the sides and back of the scalp are redistributed in balding areas. About 12 to 20 hairs are plugged into a small cylindrical hole in the balding region of the scalp. 50 to 60 plugs can be made in each session. At least 3 months are allowed to elapse between sessions.




What about scalp reduction (surgical)?


This method is recommended for men with bald spots less than 3 inches in diameter. A section of bald scalp is removed and the sides of the scalp are lifted and sewn together. This can cost over $1,500 for each procedure.



What about tissue expansion (surgical)?


Hair-bearing skin is stretched by having silicone bags inserted underneath which are then gradually filled with a saline water over a six week period.


This hair-bearing skin is thus stretched and later can be lifted and moved to a balding area.


Many find this procedure embarrassing due to the "balloons" on their heads.


The cost for this procedure averages out at around $4,000.



What about anti-androgen therapy?


This involves an oral therapy using various male hormones called androgens.


It must be used within the first two years of the onset of hair loss and baldness.


The treatment must continue for at least one year and two years are required before any improvement can be observed.


In the male, sex drive may be affected and the pitch of the voice may become higher.


The side effects cause less problems for females.




What about Rogaine?


This drug is best suited for males between the ages of 20 and 30 who have begun to suffer hair loss within the last five years.


It is more suitable if the young man is not completely bald or not bald at the temples.


This topical solution must be applied twice a day, every day, to the balding area, works best on small areas and involves a lifetime commitment.

hair loss - rogaine



What about wigs?


These can be made from artificial or real hair. They are kept in place by adhesives. Some can look quite natural.

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What about hair weaving?


Human hair or synthetic fibers can be woven or braided into existing thinning hair.


Only those with plenty of healthy hair should consider this method as it can stress existing hair, causing it to fall out.


The extensions may need to be repositioned every three to four weeks as the hair grows out.



What about camouflage?


Consulting with your hairdresser may result in a hair style that minimizes the visual effect.


For example, letting the hair at the temples grow longer while trimming the forward part short can help offset the effect of a receding hairline.


Hair loss and baldness become less noticeable when dark hair is lightened, thus reducing the contrast between the remaining hair and the scalp.


Avoid using gels as these cause hair to stick together thus emphasizing empty areas of the scalp.



What about natural organic extracts?


A clinical study on a natural organic extract soltuion published in the Medical Post Vol. 29 pp61. August 24, 1993 reported remarkable results.


A range of products which can control excessive hair loss within one week and also promote new growth.


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