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Hives: Information & Resources

Hives Information: Hives Tablets

Hives Information: Description

Hives is also known as Urticaria or Nettle-Rash.

An eruption on the skin appears as raised red or red-and-white patches, similar in appearance to the effect causes by a stinging nettle.

It is accompanied by intense itching and irritation.

Hives Children's Syrup

Hives Information: Causes

Hives can be triggered by a reaction to various foods such as fish or shell-fish.

In other cases, the use of drugs such as penicillin can be responsible.

Generally speaking, hives is an allergic reaction by an individual with hypersensitivity towards a certain substance.

Hives Information: Symptoms

An eruption may appear on the body which may last for some hours or even days. The lesions cause severe itching.

In severe cases, fever, sickness and fainting may accompany the appearance of the rash or even precede it.

Hives Information: Treatment

Antihistamine drugs are an effective treatment for hives. As there is a variety available, an individual needs to find one that suits them.

Additionally, it is important to isolate the trigger for the attack. If it is noted that a particular kind of food precedes an attack of hives, then careful avoidance of that food is necessary.

Hives Information: Book Resource

by Alan A. Wanderer

This book is very different from existing medical textbooks as it distills the information from a variety of scientific sources to a level that is understandable for patients and for health care professionals, who may not be familiar with these complex conditions.


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