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Home Spa: How To Greatly
Improve Your Health!

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The Numerous Health Benefits Of Using A Home Spa

Hydrotherapy is of great benefit for stress release, relaxation, recreation, and also for those who have various types of injuries.

A home spa using hydrotherapy has proven very effective for soft tissue injuries or for those who have arthritis and other joint related illnesses.

When you consider the beneficial effects of hydro-massage on sore muscles, stiff joints and circulation, it's no wonder that many people effected by arthritis are so dramatically helped by beginning and ending their day in a home spa.

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"Many physicians and physical therapists recommend water therapy or water massage for rehabilitative therapy. The Arthritis Foundation is one such credible source and has found that the "warmth, massage effect, and buoyancy, needed to both relax and exercise joints and muscles in the convenience of one's home is available in home whirlpool baths or spas. "
Miller-Keane Medical Dictionary, 2000

The Arthritis Foundation has found that hydro exercise in your home spa can also lead to mood enhancement, an improved sense of self-esteem and a sense of accomplishment.

Heat dilates blood vessels, increasing blood flow to damaged tissues and accelerates the body's natural healing process. Hot water reduces pain by stimulating the release of endorphins, the body's natural pain killers.

Note: Rest, Ice, Compress and Elevate (RICE) injuries for the first 24 hours to prevent further injury to the surrounding tissues. Then apply heat to assist healing and to increase comfort.

The massaging action of a home spa further helps to relax tense muscles by relieving pressure in surrounding nerve groups.

Buoyancy occurs when you are immersed in a home spa. Your body's weight is reduced by 90%, relieving pressure on strained joints and muscles. This buoyancy helps alleviate the tension so often associated with stress.

The logic of using a home spa should not be hard to figure out. Nothing soothes tired, sore or stiff joints and muscles better than a consistent therapy of warm water massage.

Many home spa users say that they originally purchased their home spa having had little or no idea of what the health benefits would be. An early morning soak in a hot tub home spa provides temporary relief from arthritis pain and helps you feel better throughout the day.

Many people are plagued with problems sleeping. Home spas are an answer that allows people to find help in getting to sleep each night after a relaxing soak in warm water.

This alternative to medicine or other sleep aides has created hundreds of happy users who cannot imagine going to bed at night without that lovely, starlit soak in their home spa just before sleep.

The National Sleep Foundation suggests sitting in a spa or hot tub may assist with sleep problems.

One final thought: Many home spa owners speak of the unexpected benefit that is created within families. Precious moments of simple sharing and conversation take place in the home spa with family members. Teenage children who are normally very busy or occupied with their friends rather unexpectedly open up and begin talking in this relaxing atmosphere.

General Home Spa Safety

  • All electrical outlets within 10 meters of the home spa Hot Tub should be deactivated.

  • All electrical equipment within 10 meters of the home spa Hot Tub should be equipped with a Ground Fault Interrupt.

  • Wet-Vacs and mops must be available to clean up splashed water.

  • A person with a valid CPR certificate must supervise the home spa Hot Tub at all times.

  • The number of people allowed into the home spa Hot Tub must be restricted to the manufacturer's recommendation.

  • No person shall occupy the home spa Hot Tub for more than 10 min.

  • The temperature of the home spa Hot Tub shall not exceed 40 C (104 F).

  • No intoxicated person will be allowed in the home spa Hot Tub.

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