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Your Image - A Checklist

image 01

In this article:

  • A checklist of attitude and behavior image breakers
  • A checklist of dress and appearance image breakers

Why be concerned about your image?

Because you can be the greatest at what you do and still get nowhere!

Our image is how the world perceives us!

Is your image successful or are you unknowingly shooting yourself in the foot?

This article is written more with the business image in mind but the principles can be applied to any endeavor.

image 02

If you get out of bed the wrong side and do much of your business in a dressing gown slumped over your computer connected to the internet, who cares about what you look like?

But the moment you step outside to conduct business and come face to face with real PEOPLE, you had better pay attention to your image.

Look at the categories below and see if any of these NO NO's apply to you.

Some may feel uncomfortable about some points due to their 'personal' nature.

On the other hand, if some points do apply, why not do something about it and feel a major improvement in how others appraise you.

One category has to do with attitude and behavior.

A much longer list relates to dress and appearance.

If our appearance makes a negative first impression, our image can be broken within a second.

So take a minute and check yourself against these major image breakers:




"Today I just can't be bothered!"

"I'm feeling grouchy today. Just watch out!"

"I'm a little late. Who cares?"

To a colleague
"I haven't had chance to read the report yet."

Being ill mannered

Saying "I'm sorry" too often

Dodging tricky questions

Downgrading your own performance with
"It was only an idea"

Thinking "Who will notice anyway?"





Tee shirts with slogans

Running or sports shoes with a suit

Pens and pencils stuffed in the top pocket

Evening style fabrics worn during day time

Bare leg visible above the sock

No bra

Laddered tights

See-through fabrics

Pant line showing

Trousers with heavy creases at the crotch

Dandruff on the shoulders

Unpolished shoes

Shoes in need of new heels

Chipped nail varnish

Overpowering cologne or perfume

Unpleasant body odour

Bad breath

Unkempt long hair

Less than close shave

Dirty finger nails

Unwanted body hair

Poorly applied make-up

Food or lipstick on the teeth



There is one simple remedy for most of the image breakers listed under dress and appearance.

A mirror!

Taking a couple of minutes to check ourselves in front of a mirror before we meet that client or enter that office or conference room can save much embarrassment and loss of esteem in the eyes of others.

As regards attitude and behavior, that of course starts from the inside.

Learn to feel good about yourself and those around you and many of these attitude problems disappear.

On 'off days' muster up the self-discipline necessary to maintain that professional image!


Your image - could it be better?

Few are likely to tell us honestly.

It is important to take an objective view of ourselves.

Use the list above to work towards a professional image.

In the business environment and in social activities it can open doors you never imagined!

Recommended for further study:
The Image Factor
by Eleri Sampson

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