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New Hair Biofactors -
Additional Data

hair loss - newhair biofactors

Scalp Cleansing Shampoo

These unique, ultra deep cleansing shampoos have been specially formulated to maximize a clean and nutrient rich environment for healthy hair growth.

The shampoos have been developed and tested to work in perfect harmony with Nisim NewHair Biofactors Hair Stimulating Extract. The shampoo is the first step in the system.

Nisim shampoos are also stand alone products. The shampoo is so effective in controlling hair loss Nisim guarantees hair loss will be controlled within a week or the customer gets their money back.

They are available for Normal to Oily Hair and Normal to Dry Hair in 8 oz and 33 oz sizes.

hair loss no more

Hair Stimulating Extract

The most important step in returning hair to its original state is the application of the natural herb extract.

The extract is designed to maximize the natural growth cycle of the hair. For best results the product should be used twice daily. Visible results will be seen in three to six months.

The extract is available in two formulas. The original formula is for those with oily hair and scalp. The gel formula with hyaluronic acid and beta glucan, is ideal for those with dry hair and scalp.

The extract is available in an 8 oz size.

Clinical Testing

Nisim NewHair Biofactors was clinically tested through a longitudinal study with 148 male participants with varying degrees of baldness.

Photographs were taken of the participants at the beginning of the study and five months later. Hair counts were also done in a 2.5 cm circular section of the balding area.

The exceptional results showed 85.7% of the participants had an increase in their terminal hairs of 30% or more. 40.8% of the participants had an increase of 100% or more.

Detailed results were published in an article entitled: "Making Headway" in the Medical Post, vol. 29, page 61, 1993.

Active Ingredients

Herbal Extracts: Nisim's strength lies in its herbal extracts. The double extracted procedure used by its laboratories ensures that the extract contains both water soluble components and the odd numbered (13, 15 and 21) carbon chains of essential fatty acids.

The extractable portion of the various herbs also contains complex polysaccharies along with other essential nutrients necessary to maintain and promote healthy hair growth.

The saw palmetto extract contains cyclic ringed carbons that prevent damage to the scalp that can lead to hair loss.

The herbals Nisim uses have been selectively analyzed to be small enough to penetrate specific areas of the cells and then into the hair.

A unique microencapsualtion and microemullsion system allows for maximum results in minimal time.

Sulphur Containing Amino Acids: The sulpur containing amino acids cystine, cysteine, and methionine are incorporated to supply the hair and underlying matrix with the essential building blocks for healthy hair growth and renewal.

Panthenol: Provitamin B5 nourishes and encapsulates the hair providing strength and support.

Inositol: A cyclic sugar alcohol that supplies energy to the hair and underlying matrix.

Biotin: A B vitamin necessary and essential for optimizing healthy hair growth.

Natural Vasodilators: Nitroxide compounds that can increase the peripheral circulation of the scalp allowing for the essential amino acids and other nutrients to be utilized by the hair and scalp.

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