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Psoriasis Easy-Read
Information Page

psoriasis 01

Psoriasis: Definition

A non-infectious disease of the skin distinguished by raised, rough, red areas which are covered with fine scales, silvery in color. This is due to an inflammatory condition and an increased production of epidermal cells.

Psoriasis: Symptoms

This condition generally appears at the back of the elbows and also on the front of the knees.

Small pimples covered with white scales gradually enlarge until patches are formed.

It can then spread to the scalp and face.

psoriasis 02

Psoriasis: Causes

This skin disorder generally appears during adolescence or early adulthood.

If parents are affected, there is a strong likelihood children will also suffer with the condition.

It can also be affected by the season, many having a problem with Psoriasis during spring and autumn.

When the quality of a person's health is low, Psoriasis may appear.

Psoriasis: Treatment

The condition often responds well to creams and ointments containing corticosteroid preparations.

Exposure to sunlight or ultra-violet light can also help considerably.

If the general health is improved, Psoriasis may also be kept well under control.


Psoriasis: The Real Way Out: A Self-Education Guide to Complete Natural Healing
by Jerry G. Scott

From the Author
If you have had enough of endless 'treatments', of marching back and forth to the doctor only to receive more ointments or drugs, then it's time you got off the hamster wheel.

If you're ready, really ready, then this book will turn your head completely around. It's more than a readable book, it's truly a road map for the way out, including a daily operating plan - the missing ingredient to healing success.

Coping With Psoriasis: A Patient's Guide to Treatment
by David L. Cram M.D., David L., Md. Cram, Gail M. Zimmerman

Author David L. Cram has long dealt with psoriasis patients and understands current knowledge of it and how patients and others react to it. Stress doesn't cause it, yet reducing stress often can help in managing it, and psychological scars are usually the main problem associated with it.

Cram speaks wisely about those matters, drawing on stories of his patients to show how such scars may affect all aspects of life and how they can be handled effectively.

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