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Rosacea Research Page

rosacea 01

Rosacea: A Definition

A chronic congestion of the flush areas of the face and forehead which leads to the formation of red pimples or swellings.

Rosacea mainly affects middle-aged and older persons.

Rosacea: Characteristics

In the early stages of Rosacea, the redness of the skin can fluctuate. It can be more noticeable after a meal, or excessive consumption of alcohol, or exposure to sunlight.

As the condition progresses however, the redness can become permanent.

rosacea 02

Additionally, the Sebaceous Glands can become greatly enlarged. (The Sebaceous Glands open into the hair follicles just below the skin's surface. They produce fatty material which lubricates the hair and make the skin's surface pliable.)

The later stages of Rosacea can develop into Rhynophyma, a condition in which the nose becomes grossly enlarged due to the greatly enlarged Sebaceous Glands.

Rosacea: Symptoms

Mild forms of Rosacea may just cause a redness or burning in the nose which lasts for just a few hours a day.

Later it can become permanent and start to affect the cheeks also.

More advanced forms can result in a nose which appears red and lumpy.

Rosacea: Treatment

A group of antibiotics known as Tetracyclines have been found to be effective, administered in two 250 mg doses a day over a period of three to six months.

by Dr. Arlen Brownstein, Donna Shoemaker C.N., Sean O'Laoire

Dr. Brownstein herself suffers from this chronic skin condition. Writing with depth and clarity about her own struggle with rosacea, Dr. Brownstein offers an empathetic guide to fellow sufferers, sharing with them the many insights and even "tricks" she has learned about learning to live with this condition. The author offers hope and common sense advice about coping with both the cosmetic and psychological effects of Rosacea.


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