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Skin Care Tips:
For Oily and Normal-to-Dry Skin

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Skin Care Tips For Oily Skin

Skin care tips for Cleansers: Use a gentle gel formula. Rinse away carefully, counting at least ten splashes. (If it's winter or if you have been spending time on airplanes, your skin may be behaving more like normal-to-dry skin, in which case you should use a creamy cleanser.)

Skin care tips for Toners: Avoid toners containing alcohol, as they can dry the surface of your skin, blocking impurities beneath the surface. Overdrying the skin is one of the biggest mistakes women with oily skin make. Toners containing AHAs work well to help smooth skin's texture. Cucumber water is another nice option. Use a clean cotton pad.

Skin care tips for Moisturizers: Use a gel, an oil-free moisturizer, or a mattifying cream specially made for oily skin (it dries matte on the skin and minimizes large pores and smoothes surface texture imperfections). If you are drier around the eye area (most people are), apply a richer cream to that area at night.

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Skin care tips for Foundations: Use oil-free formulas.

Skin care tips for Exfoliants: Use a gentle, grainy scrub twice weekly, concentrating on blackhead-prone areas like the nose and chin.

Special care: Clay mask.

Skin Care Tips For Normal-to-Dry Skin

Skin care tips for Cleansers: Use a creamy cleanser that rinses off with water. I don't advise using a tissue-off cleaning cream, as they can leave a residue. You may consider using a gel cleanser once a week for a more thorough cleansing, or switch to the gel cleanser in hot, humid weather.

Skin care tips for Toners: If you like using a toner, choose an exremely gentle formula (like rosewater) on a clean cotton pad to prime your skin for the moisturizer. If your cleanser rinses off well, skip the toner. (Or, if you choose, use toner in summer.)

Skin care tips for Moisturizers: Make sure your moisturizer is rich but absorbs completely into your skin. If your skin feels taut five minutes after application, either the moisturizer formula is not rich enough or it has been too sparingly applied. At night, use heavier moisturizing cream. If you have especially dry spots, use an AHA lotion all over your face and richer hydrating cream on those dry areas. Remember, you don't have to treat your whole face in the same way.

Skin care tips for Foundations: Use a rich, creamy formula. Oil-free foundation or tinted moisturizer is a summer option, but be sure to use a light facial lotion first.

Skin care tips for Exfoliants: Use creamy, gentle AHAs, but only if your skin does not become red or irritated.

Special care: Hydrating mask. Note: Do not use clay masks if your skin is severely dry.

The skin care tips above are based on "Bobby Brown Beauty" - a great book to have in your library for any woman genuinely interested in beauty.

Chapter Five is entitled: "Imperfect" Beauty: Taking A "Flaw" And Making It Your Most Striking Feature. This is a MUST read!

Obtain your own copy for the full range of skin care tips from Bobby Brown in Chapter Four plus 36 other chapters covering all aspects of feminine beauty.


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